Die 99. Delegiertenversammlung des BSJF wird am Sonntag, 18. Juni 2023 in Winterthur stattfinden.

Swiss Union of Jewish Women’s Organizations

Prepared for the Executive Meeting in Washington November 14/15, 2022 Report submitted by Irene Scheiner and Mirjam Cahn

In May 2022 we could finally hold our General Assembly in person in Fribourg, after 2 years by Zoom. Most of the representatives of our affiliates participated, eager to meet each other with a successful exchange of new ideas, after such a long Covid period. They all reported about their fruitful work – supporting their members in need with food, mental help and social support among many other activities.

Following immediately after Covid, the war in the Ukraine kept and keeps us all busy, and many of us are engaged and doing an amazing job in cooperation with the Association of the Swiss Jewish Refugee Aid and Welfare Organisations (VSJF), besides their challenging work in their own communities.

We were involved in consultations in parliament regarding financial support for nurseries and childcare and were present at several meetings of NGOs of which we are a member (e.g. Post Beijing, etc.).

We were invited to the Herzl Leadership Conference in Basel in August, celebrating 125 years of Zionism. It was an interesting event with important speakers like Isaac Herzog, President of Israel and Guy Parmelin, member of the Council of the Swiss Confederation. Irene Scheiner and Julia Salzer (treasurer BSJF/USFJ) represented ICJW and BSJF.

We are busy organizing the ICJW Executive Meeting May 8/9, 2023 and are looking forward to hosting our ICJW friends in beautiful Zurich. Details will follow.

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